Join the 22nd Wildwood Scouts!

We are accepting new scouts and growing all the time.  That said, our growth is limited by our capacity to have enough parent volunteers to help lead our sections.  Each section of scouts needs one male and one female leader at all times.  Please consider becoming a scout leader and a rover scout to help us grow our troop!  It’s super rewarding and a great example for your kids to see you scout alongside them.

Want to support the 22nd Wildwood scouts?  Make a donation here.  If you have a skill or resource to share, please contact us.

The current cost to register a new scout is $100 dollars per scout.  This fee covers the following: registering with the national Baden-Powell Service Association ($20); the group neckerchief, all patches ($30); and insurance from our parent non-profit organization called the Multnomah Service Cooperative (MSC) ($25); and the remainder helps pay for group equipment, group activities, and our scholarship fund.

Re-enrollement is $80 per scout.

Adults who wish to work with kids but not be registered Rovers must be background checked by the national office. The cost is $20.

Chipmunk scouts are younger siblings (age 4 or under) who wish to participate in group activities. They do not require registration and they have no cost. The Chipmunk program is in its infancy in the BPSA.

In addition, families provide uniforms for their scouts, contribute for camping trips (average $25 per person per trip for meals and site), and may purchase additional badges if they desire (for caps, backpacks, additional shirt).

Scholarships are available to families who need them.

Prior to registration we ask that all families make a plan to visit at least one of our meetings.  Check our calendar for upcoming events.