We practice outdoor skills, explore and help nature, help people and animals. We learn how to be a positive agent of change in our community and help others do the same.

We are organized by age into sections which are further divided into units of 6-8. Each section and unit is led by peers with the children’s units supervised by adults. The whole group is led by the General Scoutmaster, Joe Kiniry. The auxiliary unit handles the business portion. For our very youngest sections, the peer leader is more of an example. As they grow through the sections, the peer leader becomes the leader in truth with the adult Rovers taking on more of a guide and safety role.

All sections begin with introductory and age appropriate lessons about scouting, our country, ceremony and what it means to be a scout.

The program is made up of 4 age levels:

5-7 yrs Otters

8-10 yrs Timberwolves

11-17 yrs Pathfinders

18+ yrs Rovers